Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lock of Hair

I do not recollect when you got into the habit.. but its been a long time now... that you always want to hold on to a lock of my hair when you are going to sleep.

I remember you holding on to my hair when I nursed you...it was always a comfort thing for you..even now when wakeup from a bad dream all I need to do is to have you hold a lock of my hair and you are calmed down in no time...
..and then I stay awake a little while, looking at you..calm...peaceful.. clutching the lock of hair as if it was the most important thing ever..believing that everything will be all right now that you have clutched Aai's lock of hair, there is nothing to fear...that you can sleep peacefully and all is good with the world! Such power in just a lock of hair.. I never knew..till I had you... and it is been 3 years!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

I hope I can give you the same solace, peace, comfort, strength all your life as the lock of my hair gives you now....