Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poison Center rocks!

Long week...long work days...Came home yesterday after picking Anusha at the daycare,went upstairs to change to comfortable pj's. Ms.Anusha of course followed and then wandered off in her room.

I had a thousand thoughts going through my head, my brain was still in my in-box, told Anusha I am going downstairs and to come along. I went directly to my laptop and started fielding the dozen e-mails. Upstairs it was super silent, knew something was amiss.. but got sucked into the internet zone again..finally emails were done and there was a distinct smell of Vicks vapor-rub!

And then the tiny voice from upstairs, "Aai, Aai.." ... " Yes, Anusha, come down".. "Aai, Aai.." "Yes sweetie?"...."Vee..iccks"....I shot upstairs, did not know till then I could skip 3 steps at a time :).

New Vicks bottle was empty in her one hand, other hand was massaging the vapor rub to the stair posts... a blob on her nose and upper lips... her jacket drenched in the vapor-rub as well! "Did you eat this stuff darling" (took amazing tolerance not to get mad )..."did you, ummm?"

She could not have eaten the nasty stuff...she knows better... but what if?...OK, read the bottle... keep away from children... I though I had!... if indigested call the poison center immediately.... allright... Google poison center... call...women with friendly voice answers at the2nd ring! Her name is Sandy... asks how much she might have eaten... tells me to watch out for symptoms... give her something to drink.. calms me down with her cool confident voice... says she will call back to check in 1 hour.. that is comforting.

Ms.Anusha blissfully unaware of what her Aai went through ventures off to another prank! She loves it when Aai gives her juice when she has not even asked for it ! No symptoms.. usual pranks continue...

One hour later Sandy calls to check in, Aaal izzz welll...Sandy... Aaal izzz welll .... Thank you Thank you !

Sandy and poison center rocks!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Story of Almond butter cake... sorry bread ...

Mom (while fixing Anusha's seat belt) : Anusha I went to P mausi's house today

Anusha: Poooo massuuu ( (thankfully letting me snap the belts due to the distraction)

Mom: Yes! Poo masuu ! And did you know what Poo masu gave me to give you?

Anusha: uuuuu ..huhhh...

Mom: Look at this Almond butter cake !

Anusha: Bread!!! (a total duhuhh expression for me )

Mom: umm yeah.... almond butter bread... (peevishly)

Anusha: It's YUM ! ( I swear to god she said it, I kid you not)

And then there was total silence till we reached home thanks to the gobs of almond butter cake, i mean bread in her mouth :).