Friday, February 5, 2010

Story of Almond butter cake... sorry bread ...

Mom (while fixing Anusha's seat belt) : Anusha I went to P mausi's house today

Anusha: Poooo massuuu ( (thankfully letting me snap the belts due to the distraction)

Mom: Yes! Poo masuu ! And did you know what Poo masu gave me to give you?

Anusha: uuuuu ..huhhh...

Mom: Look at this Almond butter cake !

Anusha: Bread!!! (a total duhuhh expression for me )

Mom: umm yeah.... almond butter bread... (peevishly)

Anusha: It's YUM ! ( I swear to god she said it, I kid you not)

And then there was total silence till we reached home thanks to the gobs of almond butter cake, i mean bread in her mouth :).

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Malini said...

lovely story! Very effective....