Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mama's girl...Papa's girl??

The summer has been quite interesting so far. We went to Ashland Terrace garden (a retirement house) where you can pick flowers on your own for a small compensation, I got some beautiful violet blooms, some dry grass and arranged them in a vase on my bathroom counter top. Ms.Anusha admired them each day while brushing her teeth (yup !4 of them). The other day I got beautiful white and yellow Asters from Kroger for a steal-deal.I put them in a vase near the fireplace, and taught Anusha not to hit the flowers but to smell them and say ahhha :). Well couple of days passed and one of the violet bloom dried and I cut it off. Anusha wanted it so I promptly obiliged (dry flower ehh!). She took it and went in the living room and lo and behold... she gingerly puts it in the big vase with the Asters ! ...my daughter :)

So the mercury has been really rising this summer... the best antidote to that is swimming! Anusha and me have been going to the pool almost every alternate day...sometimes Dad comes too.. when dad comes with us.. every one has to take a bath after the swim (yeah, yeah I don't most of the time)..so the other day me and Anusha trudged back home after the swim... Anusha drags me near the bath tub saying ... nau.. nau...(translation:bath).. I tried to ignore her .... NAU NAU NAU...hey should we go eat mumm, NAU NAU.....do you want to see songs on YouTube?.....NAU NAU NAU NAU NAU... jeeezzzzz... and then I HAD to give her a bath!!....daddys girl :O


Pooja said...

I hate school...I'm totally missing out on little nerd moments! :(

Anusha's Mom said...

hehe look at it this way Poo you will be getting the highest degree possible, after that you can say to the world I am done ! there can be no more school after P..H...D :D !!

Becky said...

Yeah, Pooja, then you can start stressing out about your post-doc like my bro-in-law ;P

Preeti, somehow I think Dan has rubbed off on Miss Anusha's looking after the flowers. Remind me to tell you the story sometime.