Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jesus, Ice cream and Yellow Broccolli....

Mom: When is Anusha's Birthday?
Anusha: January!

M: And Dads birthday is in.....?
A: September!

M: And whose birthday is in December? (Here where she should say Mom!!)
A: Jesus !!

Anusha observing melting ice-cream scoop in her bowl: Look Ma, the ice-cream doesn't know how to swim!!

Eating Aloo-Gobhi( potatoes-Cauliflower curry with turmeric)
Anusha: Mom did you turn broccoli yellow?!!


Pooja said...

I love this kid. Muaaah munchkins!

Becky said...

Oh that's one of my favorite posts! Very Da Momma vinagrette of you. I just got excited yesterday when I realized that Bronte will get an American Girl someday too.